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Apparently, we have been shaped into the adults we’ll become by the tender age of seven. Each of us steered by the teachings, values and opinions of those around us. Sponges to second-hand habits, behaviours and beliefs; good and bad.

This bag is designed firstly as a reminder to parents; to let our kids act out their instinctive abilities to bond, explore, play and create. Free from prejudice and with wide-open minds. But it is also designed as a rallying cry to us adults; to retain, rediscover, or (in some cases) rewire those carefree, creative minds we all started out with.

This is a bag for adults who realise that the rules should only ever serve as guidance.

Now, undo that top button and open up your heart!



Bag information

Bag style: Shoulder Tote
Dimensions: 38cm(w) x 42cm(h) x 10cm(d)
Handle height: 30cms

10oz (100%) cotton.
Printed using water-based ink.
Produced in an Ethical Trading Initiative (ETI) Certified and SEDEX registered factory.
Made in India. Printed in the UK. Designed in Kent.


* Beta Bags

We’re referring to these totes as our Beta Bags, because whilst they are ethically sourced and vegan, there is always work to on the environmental front. Don’t let that put you off, we’re just being honest. Plus, as well as your charitable donation, you’re also funding research into even cleaner, greener products. Thank you.



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